A bit of mauve - Real Touch Calla Lilies

June 06, 2016

A bit of mauve - Real Touch Calla Lilies

Oh how gorgeous are these Calla Lilies?!

Our new Calla Lilies are to die for. From the quality to the colour itself, our designers have made sure they look as real as possible and let me tell you they go it spot.

I often get asked which flower is the most realistic and I think it is a very personal thing but the feel and the look of these pretties definetely makes them one of my favourites.

You can shop it here https://silk-flora.myshopify.com/products/real-touch-calla-lily-gl12320

I also want to welcome everyone to our new website as it was long overdue to change it. I hope you all enjoy shopping and browsing in it as it is now mobile friendly.

Thanks again and come and check out the blog next week!

 With love

Danni x


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